Head of Middle School Mrs Carolyn Watkins

Middle School: The Formative Years

Middle School, Year 5 to Year 9, is a time of challenge for young people and their families. During these years students move from childhood towards adulthood and experience many academic, emotional and physical challenges as they learn to understand themselves and others. Mrs Carolyn Watkins, Head of Middle School, seeks to assist students to learn to manage the competing and conflicting pressures they face as they mature.

Assessment and Reporting

The academic performance of each student is monitored and reviewed and students are guided by teachers, their Head of House and the Head of School to improve their performance. Teachers use a differentiated approach in their classrooms applying strategies to support the learning of each individual. Assessment activities will be varied in nature and must be submitted on time and in good order.

Enrichment and Extension

The GATEway Programme for Year 5 and 6 provides a unique learning opportunity for students of the Middle School. In these classes the curriculum is compacted based upon the pretesting in each unit of work, providing opportunity for the students to work with their teacher to explore related issues at greater depth. Students will be selected to enter these classes.

A range of extension activities are offered to provide additional challenge to individual learners. These include the da Vinci Decathalon, Public Speaking and Debating, Tournament of Minds and GATEway Quest and GATEway 8.

Students are also encouraged to enrich their learning through involvement in a range of co-curricular activities including musical ensembles or the annual musical productions, joining OASIS (Crusaders), the Dance Group, the Model Club, MATS Drama Club, the Maths Activity group, belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme (from Year 9) or participating in programmes such as the Headmaster's Reading Awards.

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