Academic Success

The Year 12 cohort of 2023 have continued the School's tradition of outstanding Academic Success. For detailed insights please refer to the  Academic Success 2023 brochure which outlines in further detail the students’ success in a number of courses, as well as several works selected for NESA Exhibitions and Showcase.

Headmaster Dr David Nockles is “absolutely delighted” for the students and their outstanding effort. Impressively, 84% of the cohort achieved an ATAR over 80, with 36% of students achieving an ATAR of 90 or higher.

“With all the talk of declining educational standards nationally, it is wonderful to see our School consistently bucking this negative trend, especially in our part of Sydney. We have a strong academic culture at Macarthur. We set the bar high and share the students’ joy when they rise to meet the challenges set before them”.

“The most important lesson learned by this cohort is that their senior school years are about far more than just studying and memorising content. Developing skills to be able to think critically and apply content to different contexts is key. These years are about creating a positive work-life balance, learning from mistakes and examining feedback carefully and graciously. Learning can be uncomfortable at times, and this is when we are learning the most”.

The School was ranked 110th overall, out of over 800 schools having candidates sitting their HSC in 2023, and was ranked 49th out of all NSW Independent Schools. “What makes me particularly proud,” said Dr Nockles, “is that we can achieve these terrific results without being academically selective, but welcoming students of all abilities”.

Among Macarthur’s top performers was Joel Braatz, DUX of the School, with an ATAR of 99.60. He achieved 6th place in the State for Software Design and Development and is planning on studying Engineering Law at the University of Sydney. Lorenzo Lombardo (ATAR 99.50), Mithula Gunawardena (ATAR 98.75) and Sakura Murakami (ATAR 95.75) were deemed ‘Best All-Rounders’, with scores over 90% across 10 units of study. Lorenzo is going to the Qantas Group Pilot Academy to obtain his commercial pilots’ license, Mithula intends to study a double degree in Engineering and Commerce.

Dr Nockles, who has published research on what makes effective schools, advocates that, “Students who balance their academic study with co-curricular, extra-curricular involvement and sport have the greatest opportunity for success in the HSC as they are far more likely to study hard when they are engaged and happy with their wider school life”.

Top Performers
Of the 108 students who sat the HSC in 2023, 94 Distinguished Achievement results were recorded on the NESA HSC Honour Roll for students who attained a Band 6 or Band E4 Extension results.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Joel Braatz (DUX) – 6th place in the State for Software Design and Development
  • Justine Fouwler – 1st place in the State for Indonesian Extension
  • Lorenzo Lombardo – 6th in the State for Geography

NESA Exhibition and Performance Showcases

  • Yitong (Betty) Liu - Artworks selected for ARTEXPRESS
  • Yuqi (Andy) Zheng - Artworks selected for ARTEXPRESS
  • Jessica Overton – NESA exhibition, Drama ON STAGE
  • Charlotte Rixon – NESA exhibition, Drama ON STAGE
  • Harry Fouwler – NESA exhibition, Design and Technology SHAPE
  • Lorenzo Lombardo – NESA exhibition, Design and Technology SHAPE
  • Shiqi (Gardenia) Zeng – NESA exhibition, Textiles and Design SHAPE