Senior School: A Gateway to Lifelong Learning

Head of Senior School Mrs Rebecca Joel
Years 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students at Macarthur belong to the Senior School. In the Senior School their focus is on academic development and building rich skills that will be highly valued beyond the School. Mrs Rebecca Joel, Head of Senior School, seeks to inspire and motivate each individual in their learning and in the development of their personal skills.

Excellence in Learning

In Year 10, 11 and 12 students undertake a rigorous course of study including compulsory courses in English and Mathematics (Year 10 and 11) and a broad range of elective options.

Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12) courses demand a high level of commitment from the students but offer the rewards of a richer and more varied curriculum which allows the development of a multiplicity of skills. The development of higher order thinking skills, enhancing their ability to interact with others, strengthening their emotional intelligence and building their analytical and research skills are consequences of meeting the challenges that their studies present.