Camping Program

As part of Macarthur's commitment to developing the whole person, each student from Year 3 to Year 12 is involved in an outdoor education camp every year. These camps provide the opportunity for students to learn new and challenging skills, to build upon those skills previously learned, to get to know their peers and their teachers in a unique environment, to learn about the qualities of good leadership and to be challenged to consider the message of the Christian Gospel for themselves. In addition, the students learn a great deal about themselves, the way they relate to others and the importance of being a member of a community.

The physical activities completed during the camps are determined in accordance with a well structured, age appropriate sequential plan which relates the activities to the developmental level expected of the children in each age group. Activities are led by trained and experienced outdoor education staff at each of the sites used in the programme and these instructors assist in building the skills and the confidence of the students as they take on new challenges. The instructors are constantly alert to the safety of each activity and supervise the students while they complete them.

Through participation in the Outdoor Education Programme students will be given the opportunity to develop and refine their competence in activities including Group Skills, Bush Skills, Canoeing, Abseiling and Rock Climbing. These activities and others completed during the programme will provide the opportunity for students to develop as individuals, deepen their sense of dignity and self worth, reinforce their understanding of their personal responsibility for the decisions and actions they take, grow as caring people with positive attitudes to others and strengthen their ability to communicate clearly in a range of contexts and to form lasting relationships with their peers and their teachers.

Each camp includes a Christian focus programme in which the students are reminded of the love God has for us and His desire to care for each of us as individuals. This aspect of the camp is generally led by Macarthur staff.

As part of the Outdoor Education Programme, students will have the opportunity to qualify for the Macarthur Award for Service and Adventure Education including participation at  Year 11 and 12 camp, combined with other elements outlined in the PDF below. This Award is presented at the annual Speech and Awards Night.