Aristotle is a project specifically targeted to generate an interest in learning and instil curiosity in our Year 8 learners. The project has a deep learning focus with a sustained and positive approach to learning. It commences with a series of deep-thinking tasks and challenges targeted at generating “curiosity” around a collective theme from a diverse range of subject areas, viewpoints and sources. Once these initial tasks are completed, students commence working in pairs or groups to consolidate a personal focus/interest area applied to the theme. The research process culminates in a Showcase which is an exciting and valuable opportunity to observe the work completed by the Aristotle group, highlight the collaborative and critical thinking skills of all participants. The Aristotle Showcase is an opportunity to also inspire peers and younger learners.

Students who participate in the Aristotle project gain valuable insights into the skills needed for Socrates in Year 9 and Year 10, including higher order thinking, collaborative learning, peer evaluation and self-reflection.