The Socrates programme is offered to students in Year 9 and Year 10 who are high potential learners and/or have a passion or talent in a particular subject area. The programme is targeted at tapping into personal interests. The Socrates programme is an excellent opportunity to propagate core deep learning processes and a love of learning. Ongoing feedback indicates the programme assists in an immeasurable shift in developing the learning culture and drive needed for Senior studies.

Curiosity and deep learning is guided through academic mentorship from the Head of the Innovation & Research Centre, the IRC’s Digital Services and Research Assistant and various Macarthur staff or external mentors.

Each Socrates project is organised around a driving focus question that students explore. Deep learning is scaffolded by an authentic inquiry methodology involving questioning, locating information, conceptualising, evaluating, analysing and synthesising and applying information, sharing knowledge and reflecting on learning through peer and self-evaluation. 

The Socrates Programme culminates in in an energetic and interactive showcase that celebrates the specific and unique gifts and talents of our students.