Commencement of Summer Term 2022

See the links below to get information for the commencement of Summer Term 2022 for your child(ren)'s year group.

Junior School
Year 1-Year 4

Middle School
Year 5 and Year 6
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9

Senior School
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12


Student Absence

Under regulations that deal with reasons for absences, different processes and applications are required.

Family Holidays during School Term time (Apply in Writing to the Headmaster)

Leave from School for the purposes of a family holiday, are NOT covered by a Certificate of Exemption. In exceptional circumstances, parents should write to the Headmaster seeking permission and giving reasons as to why leave needs to be taken during School Term time. Depending on the reasons given the absence from School may need to be recorded as 'Leave' or as an 'Absence'.

Certificate of Exemption from Attendance (Family Vacations Excluded)

If you are seeking approval for your child to be absent from School because of a commitment required by an organised activity you may be entitled to have a Certificate of Exemption issued. If you wish to apply for this please download and return a signed copy of the form below. Hard copies are availble from the School's Reception.

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While COVID-19 Protocols are in place, Macarthur is still open and operating. Please feel free to call 4647 5333 or email