Setting Up iPad Restrictions

How to Setup iPads/iPhones Restrictions

There are two ways of controlling your child’s iPad or iPhone.

  1. Family Zone (This will control your child’s network use in the home and school*)
  2. A screen time passcode on the device (This will control the iPad device everywhere - including school)

To completely manage your child’s device you need to use BOTH methods of control.

Family Zone at home and school can manage the network at home and school. It can’t manage the device itself. If there are apps on your child’s device that you don’t want them to use at all during school hours (or at home) then using the screen time passcode is the answer to your problem.

To help you set up and manage restrictions on your child’s device we have provided some links below that contain steps to follow.

Also, we strongly recommend that you have set up Family Zone for your child's school issued device and any personal devices.

* Family Zone settings during school hours are managed by the school.