Programmes Stretching Learning at Macarthur

A pressing need in education is to “future proof” our students and equip them with the skills necessary to be ready for evolving 21st Century communities and workplaces. A strong hedge against a fast-changing world is the ability to think, adapt and collaborate well. A core element of this process is fostering student engagement and cultivating curiosity. 

There are many opportunities for Macarthur students to stretch their learning. Intellectual stimulation is incubated and supported with professional guidance from our wonderful staff, whose expertise and passion for learning act as a catalyst for student engagement. Every day in our classrooms, teachers feed, model and nurture the joy of learning.

At Macarthur, we also have some targeted programmes designed to “tap” into students’ ubiquitous passions and interests, stretch thinking and create and curate curiosity. Three of these programmes that target this are Aristotle (Year 8), Socrates (Years 9 and 10) and GATEway 8 (Years 5-10). 

These learning opportunities play a key role in instilling curious minds, stretching thinking and fuelling a love of learning. Curiosity and the associated critical and creative thinking do not follow a script. They are in fact unpredictable and chaotic processes. Students who participate in these programmes are nurtured through the “thinking chaos”, and therefore are more equipped for a fast-changing world where lifelong learning is a necessity.