Orchestral Programme

Macarthur has an extensive orchestra programme for students for all students. The focus is to engage string students at every stage of their musical development, from the very early years of peripatetic lessons all the way through to the advanced levels of performance. The Orchestra Programme is designed to provide students with many varied and exciting performance opportunities, to support and extend each and every student at their specific level of skill and to provide many exciting audience opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Junior School String Ensemble

For many string students receiving peripatetic lessons this is the first ensemble experience for our string students. Students benefit from the experience of all playing together and enjoy a fun selection of music to engage and maintain their enthusiasm for playing their chosen instrument.

String Orchestra

Students who are very keen and focussed on developing and extending their performance skills. The String Orchestra has extensive community and school performance opportunities throughout the year. Students from the String Orchestra frequently perform in different combinations forming String Quartets and Trios.


The School Orchestra is an exciting large ensemble opportunity for our students in years 7 to 12. The Orchestra throughout the year explores a wide variety of orchestra repertoire. The ensemble provides solo opportunity for woodwind and brass students who are at an intermediate and advanced performance standard of performance. The Orchestra performs regularly at major events in the life of the School.

Preparatory Orchestra

The Preparatory Orchestra provides the opportunity for students in the Middle School to engage and experience the benefits of performing in an ensemble. The Preparatory Orchestra has many performance opportunities throughout the year and for many students provides the foundation to building performance confidence.