The Band Programme at Macarthur commences with our Year 5 students. Every year 5 student has the opportunity of learning a band instrument be it brass, woodwind or percussion. Students are encouraged to continue on through to the senior years enjoying the stimulation and sense of achievement associated with being part of a large musical team. Students have many varied and wonderful performance opportunities participating in Concerts and International Tours on a regular basis.

Stage Band

The Stage Band is a highly successful Macarthur Ensemble and is a favourite with Macarthur audiences. The Stage Band promotes performance excellence with the Senior students and reveals the individual musical talent of students through improvisation and solo roles.

Concert Band

The Concert Band at Macarthur is a large and dynamic ensemble. Students in Years 8 to 12 with skills and performance ability in a wide range of instruments have the opportunity to experience and excel musically in the context of a large group. The Concert Band plays a breadth of repertoire of an intermediate and advanced standard throughout the year.

Preparatory Band

The Preparatory Band caters for students commencing their musical studies. Students in Years 5 to 9 are encouraged to play and perform in a context which is suited to their level of skill. The Preparatory Band nurtures students in the early stage of their musical development and prepares students to transition to the Concert Band.