Application for Enrolment

If you are seeking enrolment for the current year or the next academic year, please complete the Online Enrolment Application form below. A PDF copy is available by emailing the Registrar if submitting an electronic copy is difficult for your family.

If you are seeking an enrolment beyond the next academic year you can register your child using the Online Registration Form at the bottom of this page.

Online Enrolment Application

The Enrolment Register

The Enrolment Register is a free service and is for families who wish to provide details of children so as to be considered for a place in the School for more than 12 months in advance. Placing your child's details on the Enrolment Register gives you greater assurance that there will be a place in the School when the time for enrolment arrives.

Parents of children who have been registered are among the first to be contacted about enrolment interviews. It is never too early to register a child's details. To register your child or children for enrolment in the future (more than one academic year away), please complete the Online Enrolment Register Form by clicking the link below.

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