The Macarthur Alumni Association

The Macarthur Alumni Association was established in 2007. It is open to all former students of Macarthur and aims to:

  • to build a sense of community among former students of the School,
  • to keep former students informed of activities and ongoing development of Macarthur, and
  • to provide a conduit for former students to support the work of Macarthur.

Update Your Details

If you would like to update your details or share news with the School, please use this link.  Alternatively, especially if you have photographs you would like to share, please email the School's Community Relations and Fundraising Manager, Mrs Karyn Ingram.


Connect with the School and other Alumni through;

Facebook - the Macarthur Alumni Association has a dedicated page at Facebook

Linkedin - the School has a page at Linkedin


Each year the school hosts a 10 Year, 20 Year and 30 Year Reunion.  Details for this year's reunions can be accessed using the panel to the left.  For enquiries please contact the School's Community Relations and Fundraising Manager, Mrs Karyn Ingram

Dates for Reunions in 2020 are:
30 Year Reunion: Saturday 8 October
20 Year Reunion: Saturday 15 October
10 Year Reunion: Saturday 22 October

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While COVID-19 Protocols are in place, Macarthur is still open and operating. Please feel free to call 4647 5333 or email