In place of our usual CREATE Night Exhibition we have created a gallery to enable parents to view student projects. Below you will find links to a video explanation of each student's work.

You can watch the whole playlist below or select individual students work.

Textiles and Design

Alex Trimarchi
Caitlyn Putt
Jonathan Lin
Lisa Kanatli
 Lucy Wood
Lyana Chohaili
Zoe Byatt


Visual Arts

Alyssa Azzopardi
Anna Patmore
Arnav Gupta
Benjamin Durman
Carol Morgan 
Jonathan Lin 
Lyana Chohaili 
Mikayla Elling
Sophia Ellsmore


Design and Technology

Alina Hill

Website ( Google Sites)

App ( Marvel)

Caitlyn Putt
William Dooner
Georgia Bywater
Bailey Pickles
Tom Noakes
Alexia Defrancesco
Giacomo Campisi
Samuel Walker
Jasmine Borg
Jack Guyer
Chelsea Mackie
Ben Durman
 Zoe Byatt
 Helen Zheng