Information about COVID-19

A General Statement for Summer Term 2021

At Macarthur the health, safety and welfare of our students and staff are our greatest priority closely followed by our continuity of educational service to the students. With these two priorities in mind, a number of protocols remain in place that impact some of the usual activities across the School. The overall intention of these protocols is, where it is within the School's control, to keep the School operational on a day-to-day basis so that face-to-face teaching and learning can continue.

Parents should rest assured that plans are in place to communicate in such instances as efficiently and clearly as we are able. Direct email to parents and postings on this webpage will be the priority. Detailed plans are in place to deal with either the collection of students from the campus if the advice is received during a school day or to communicate with parents before School if the School is informed overnight.

Summer Term 2021 guidelines and protocols

The protocols for the management of COVID-19 and the commencement of Summer Term 2021 can be accessed below.
Updated 20 January 2021:
COVID-19 Protocols Summer Term 2021

Parents, care-givers or visitors to the Campus must sign into the School using the QR code.

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