2020 Academic Success

In an extraordinary year, Macarthur Anglican School’s Class of 2020 has achieved all round excellence in their HSC results. A quarter of the cohort received an ATAR of 90 or above, while Ahlana Sklenar achieved the top ATAR of 98.90. Overall Macarthur ranked 78th out of more than 800 schools offering the HSC in NSW. 

The Headmaster, Dr David Nockles, is thrilled with the students’ results. “The HSC is challenging for all students and in a year like no other our students have learnt many lessons other than those in the classroom dealing with syllabus content and skills. There were many obstacles for the students throughout 2020 and the pandemic prompted a revolution about thinking about schooling and the way students learn.”

“At Macarthur, students have not been taught to be robotic or formulaic in what they learn. Instead, we have prepared the young men and women to be dynamic and creative thinkers. We strive to prepare our students to be resilient and adaptable in times of difficulty and learn from challenges. These are essential skills for lifelong learning.”

Top performers included:
• Ahlana Sklenar who earned an ATAR of 98.90 and is DUX. 
• Jayden Taylor (ATAR 98.80), along with Aislinn D’Arcy (ATAR 98.50) have been recognised as ‘All Rounders’ for attaining Band 6/E4 results in at least 10 units. James White (ATAR of 98.75) achieved a Band 6 in 9 units studied.
• Jade Errington (ATAR 97.35) achieved 13th in the State in Mathematics Standard 2.
• Jonathan Kennedy received a nomination for his ‘OnSTAGE’ Drama monologue entitled, ‘The Story of Jerry and the Dog.’
• Daniel Kokic has been listed on the Honour Roll for ‘ENCORE’ for his Musicology Viva Voce.
• Thomas Mackie’s Design and Technology Major Project was nominated for ‘Shape’, a showcase of exemplary Year 12 HSC Major Works.

More than three-quarters of Macarthur’s students received early university offers and some have also been offered leadership or academic scholarships. Forty four per cent of Macarthur students have been recognised as Distinguished Achievers for attaining Band 6 or E4 results and eighty five per cent of students gained Band 5 or E3 results. Students also appeared on the HSC Honour Roll 92 times. 

Macarthur students are planning to study a wide range of courses including Medicine, Law, International Studies, Business, Paramedicine, Security Studies, Finance, Advanced Science, Teaching, Commerce and Nursing. 

“As one of Western Sydney’s leading academically non-selective co-educational schools, this year’s outstanding results are the latest chapter in a long history of high academic accomplishment.” 

“Across the School, we focus on far more than exams and marks. Our students are exposed to a Christian world view and we inspire them to make a positive difference in whatever fields of endeavour they go on to pursue.  The success of the cohort across a wide range of subjects has reflected the nature of this close group of students and we have admired their commitment to study and care for each other,” concluded Dr Nockles. 

Dr Nockles, who has published research on what makes effective schools, advocates that, “Students who balance their academic study with co-curricular, extra-curricular involvement and sport have the greatest opportunity for success in the HSC as they are far more likely to study effectively when they’re engaged and happy with their wider school life.”

Our School motto is Enter to Learn, Go Out to Serve. Many of our students see their futures in serving the local community with the skills gained while at school and will develop further at university. As Dr Nockles often states, “It’s not just about the great results. Education is about the formation of character and in the 2020 cohort we have it in spades!”

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While COVID-19 Protocols are in place, Macarthur is still open and operating. Please feel free to call 4647 5333 or email administration@macarthur.nsw.edu.au.